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Does my animal have to be spayed/neutered?

Yes, all pets attending for daycare or boarding must be spayed and neutered that are over 6 months of age because all pets will be included in group play sessions.

Why is Beechnut closed for naptime each day?

We have nap time for the same reason all child daycares do. Just like children, some young dogs play themselves into exhaustion. If we let them play all day, they tend to get cranky and spat with one another. Older dogs also require more rest to protect their health and joints. They can benefit from exercise, but it can also be easily over done. We are closed for certain times of the day to reduce the stimulation. When the staff walk into the kennel alone the dogs do not get all excited because they see us all day, but if they hear cars, see new people, or a new dog enters the group, they get very excited and loud. To keep everyone physically and mentally healthy, we make sure all dogs are well-exercised, well-fed, and undisturbed for a time so they can also be well-rested.

Is my puppy old enough to attend Beechnut?

Yes, we do accept young puppies with your veterinarian’s approval. It’s a great opportunity for puppies to interact with healthy, well-socialized dogs in our safe environment. However, it’s important you understand that young puppies, just like young children, are at more risk of illness and injury than other dogs due to their developing bodies and immature immune systems. We do require that puppies have at least their 2nd distemper shot and Bordatella booster for 2 weeks prior to coming to the facility.

What if my pet has food allergies/sensativities?

If your pet has allergies, please alert staff at drop off so it can be noted on your pet’s instruction card. We do provide treats at nap time and bed time, so we request that you bring treats that are within your pet's dietary restrictions. In the event that your pet doesn’t eat a meal, we do have items to stimulate their appetite such as: chicken broth, chicken and rice, and tuna. If your dog is allergic to any of these items, it is your responsibility to inform us prior to their stay. Together, we can determine a better way to stimulate their appetite when needed (warm water, crushed treats from home, etc). We try to ensure each pet eats at least 75% of what they normally consume at home - we prefer 100% since they are so active. here.

What if my dog can jump fences?

We can not board pets that are capable of jumping a 5 foot fence. Our contract states that you believe your pet is safely contained using a 5 foot fence. Please be responsible and do not take the risk of boarding a pet that is capable breeching the barriers provided. *If your pet has ever escaped ANY enclosure, we require that you discuss this with us in advance.

What if my pet needs veterinary care while at Beechnut?

In the case that your pet becomes ill or injured while you are away, we will always attempt to contact you with the numbers you provided at the time of drop-off. In the event that you are unable answer, our contract gives Beechnut Kennels the ability to consent to vet treatment on your behalf, which we will always do in the case of an emergency. For minor health concerns, we will seek your permission to utilize over the counter treatments, first aid, or a vet visit depending on the circumstances. We always give ample time for you to respond prior to going to the veterinarian's office. We will attempt to utilize your pet’s normal vet when possible. We feel the continuity of care is important. In the event of an emergency when your vet or our vet is unavailable, we will contact Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Annapolis for treatment.